Mannfred von Carstein

Vampire Count of Sylvania


Mannfred von Carstein, is the most cunning and magically gifted Vampire of all of the von Carstein bloodline. Mannfred claims the hereditary title as the Vampire Count of Sylvania, a title that is only given to the first of his bloodline. Imbued with staggering magical power, Mannfred von Carstein has managed, through sheer ambition and willpower, to accumulate all the spells from the Lore of the Vampires and the Lore of Necromancy; having spent the better part of a century collecting these forbidden knowledge. Like many of his vampiric kind, Mannfred has led the armies of Sylvania to war on many occasions, his mastery of the necromantic arts sustaining his army far beyond their normal potential.

Mannfred von Carstein is also a highly skilled Vampiric swordsman as well as a Necromancer. In battle, Mannfred carries his ancient sword Gheistvor, a powerful two-handed weapon that allows the bearer to absorb and drink the blood of the slain, giving Mannfred the ability to rejuvenate himself during the heat of battle, as well as amplifying his control over the Winds of Magic. He also wears the Armor of Templehof, an ancient battle armor that protects the bearer from harm and further enhances Mannfred’s already extraordinary endurance.

Befitting a lord of his status, Mannfred von Carstein is an extremely cunning politician as well as a warrior and a general. He knows full well the extent and complexity of his position as Vampire Count, for although he claims dominion from all the Von Carsteins, he knows that each of his subjects are far too fiercely independent to properly control. Thus, Mannfred needs to be a cunning creature as well as a warrior; using bribery, assassination, and diplomacy rather than outright conquest to secure the allegiance of his many rebellious subjects. This combination of magic, cunning, and martial skill makes Mannfred a foe that has left a nightmarish mark upon the annals of history.


Mannfred von Carstein

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