Feeding and Breeding

"I do not care what our prey think of us. Do you consider what opinion meat has of you?"

- Constantine von Carstein

Like all Vampires, the von Carsteins are required to sustain themselves with a steady flow of blood in order to keep both their appearance, strength and sanity in check. Without the consumption of blood, all Vampires would either die or degenerate into primitive yet savage beast. As such, the von Carsteins are known to be the only Vampiric bloodline to be caretakers or landholders of certain human estates and small holdings, with a literal populace of human cattle.

Contrary to popular belief, the von Carsteins actually don't mind if they hunt for their prey, but rather they find it insulting that they have to do it from the shadows and away from the prying eyes of the Witch Hunters. However, thanks to their astonishing good-looks and great charisma, the peasants and nobles under their rule have been known to fight each other for the chance to be willing subjects to their feedings. For whatever reasoning behind it, those victims that are tenderly drained of their blood seem to enjoy a pleasuring sensation that would otherwise overcome the pain and fear of being drained of their blood.

Also like all Vampires, the von Carsteins cannot bear any children and thus have to rely on transforming potential candidates into a Vampire by means of a Blood Kiss. Such a decision is often frown upon by the majority of Vampires, as it is common for the descending bloodlines to become weaker of both will, power and strength. To keep to their image as the best of the bloodlines, even when a candidate becomes a von Carstein Vampire, they must also embody the family's core values and characteristics. There is no point in passing on the von Carstein blood to one who will mingle with the common folk or not uphold the high standards of the family. A von Carstein must be arrogant to the core, fundamentally assured of both his family’s prominent place in the universe and his own. If this is not the case when the Kiss is given, instruction will be provided and new Vampires are schooled in every aspect of their noble life, including strategy, manipulation, and conspiracy. Likewise, if the Vampire is ever found wanting in his lordly skills and duties, he may be prompted to atleast mind the honor of his family name. A von Carstein Vampire is only given one chance, and should he continue to be a liability to the family, they are often never seen again.

Although strict in their selection process, members of the von Carstein family are known to be erratic in passing the Blood Kiss to many candidates that have very little to no qualifications. Often times, these members are known to give the Blood Kiss to stable boys or wenches just because of their dashing good looks. It is believed by the bloodline that eccentricities are the right and privilege of those with noble blood. A single vampire wench is an insult, a harem of them is an achievement. In short, when it comes to the Blood Kiss, as with almost everything in the life of the nobility, there is a great deal of propriety to be observed but every rule can be broken if one is powerful enough that no one would dare to slight him.

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Feeding and Breeding

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